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Being an AUTHENTIC Candidate

March 9, 2018

No shade: EVERY post on this site, and ALL my social media pages are typed and posted by ME. EVERY photo of an event for a cause I say I support is taken AND attended by ME. The words are mine; the sentiments are mine.

Here's the thing: You can't pay a "consultant" to speak for you on the floor in Jefferson City. You can TRUST that what you see on my social media is the actual candidate- not a hired individual whose only interest is winning an election opposed to the needs of the people.

I constantly strive to be the type of candidate that, if I otherwise didn't know, would be proud to vote for.


We all realize there are some SERIOUS issues in our district and the state. Effective strides to solve our problems will take a consistent, all-hands-on-deck approach. Those seeking this seat must understand such an effort requires more dedication than just popping up during campaign season, then vanishing after election. I AM READY AND WILLING TO DO THE WORK! ✊🏾



Here's the thing: there has been A LOT of buzz about the 73rd District- especially seeing as how our current "representative" was the ONLY "Democrat" to vote for so-called "Right to Work" (for less). With that in mind, the 73rd District is in need of much more than "anyone but that guy"; that's how we got into this mess in the first place! Residents of the 73rd District shouldn't be forced to have to settle and vote for "the lesser of two evils" again, either. My family, friends, and neighbors are dedicated, invested, and rooted in this area. They DESERVE a candidate for whom they can proudly vote.


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